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Modern fleet

Modern fleet

Fleet expansion – new Iveco tractors powered by LNG

We are constantly aware of the European situation with no empty phrases about an environmentally-friendly and responsible approach. SAMBULAR s.r.o. sets an example.

A new fleet of GREEN tractors for new regular routes to Belgium and France.


The internal dimensions of the trailer and the maximum load weight can be found on SAMBULAR fleet

Express transport

Speed takes priority

Are you in danger of stopping your production line due to a missing part, or is your customer insisting on an unusually fast delivery?


In case you are in need of a speedy delivery, we can arrange express transport for you via our own vans or full-load trucks. We are able to dispatch 3-8 EPAL deliveries with a weight capacity of up to 1,500 kg, every weekday from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. within an hour and a half of ordering (North Bohemia). Outside this range by agreement.

We cross the borders

Cross borders

We transport goods and materials worldwide. By road, rail, sea and air.


Relax! Our staff know how to get your goods to the right place!


Send a shipping request to and our staff will recommend the most suitable mode of transport for your shipment. Just let us know what the shipment priority will be – the fastest delivery time, the lowest transport costs, security, etc.

Teplice logistics centres

  • modern logistics terminals in Srbice and Krupka
  • storage of hazardous goods and other logistics activities
  • the terminals are part of an industrial zone improving cost-effectiveness for our customers
I want to know more

m2 storage area


EUP storage capacity


EUP warehouse occupancy


EUP daily movement