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Road transport

Our services offer high variability in creating combinations of road freight transport to meet the demanding requirements of each client. We will deliver your cargo in the form of full-load transport. Express or additional load transport is also an option, which you need to realise according to the required time instructions. Road transport can also be combined with air, sea or rail freight by our company SAMBULAR.


Full-vehicle transport

We offer maximum vehicle capacity and fully customised solutions for full-load transport. The transport, which is combinable with other types of transport, can be carried out in the Czech Republic and abroad. We have 50 modern trucks available, including the Double Decker semi-trailers, which thanks to its two floors allows for more efficient and at the same time environmentally-friendly transport of larger cargo loads. Part of our fleet is additionally equipped for the transport of hazardous goods (ADR).

  • We do not transfer goods en route
  • Possibility of multiple loading/unloading
  • Possibility of transporting hazardous goods (ADR)
  • Transport in the Czech Republic and abroad

Additional load transport

Additional load transport in the Czech Republic and abroad is an ideal solution for clients who do not fill the entire vehicle capacity, but still want faster transport of goods or materials than the classic collection service. Transportation is resolved by combining compatible goods of another customer. The advantage of this type of transport is a lower risk of damage, as the goods are not transferred.

  • We do not transfer goods en route
  • We combine goods appropriately
  • Transport in the Czech Republic and abroad

Express transport

If you need express shipping, our company can help with superior variability and speed. For example, we can supply missing parts to prevent a production line shutdown or other alarming situation that could threaten your business. Deliveries with payloads of up to 1,100 kg in a capacity of up to 8 EPAL pallets can be delivered on weekdays from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. within 1-5 hours of ordering, depending on the region within North Bohemia.

  • Fast delivery and transportation
  • Capacity of up to 8 EPAL pallets (1,100 kg)


Passenger transport

High-quality passenger transport for important clients demands a certain level of service and modern vehicles providing sufficient comfort. The most frequently requested transport is to/from airports within the Czech Republic and Germany, but we can also arrange passenger transport anywhere else abroad. For special occasions or important clients we offer transportation to meet your high expectations.

  • Modern and comfortable vehicles
  • Transport in the Czech Republic and abroad



Certificates and awards

Our company holds ČSN EN ISO 9001:2016 certification, which guarantees the high quality of our services, we are also proud to hold ISO 14001 certification, which proves our responsible prevention of negative environmental impacts. Last but not least, we have also received the Safety and Fleet Quality Award from Toyota.

Your cargo will be in good hands

pojištění nákladu

Cargo insurance

Spolehlivé vozy

Reliable vehicles





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