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Sea freight

Sea freight is an attractive option for your business if you require low cost intercontinental transport and do not mind longer transport times for goods or materials. You can save up to 70% in comparison with air freight. Of course, you can combine modes of transport, i.e., road, air, sea and rail, according to your needs.

The advantages of sea freight include high load capacity and large space at significantly lower costs. We also have special ships suitable for unusual or non-standard cargo. Our experienced SAMBULAR dispatch team will offer you transport of individual shipments or complete container shipments, insurance, storage and customs clearance of shipments according to your requirements. We will safely and professionally transport your shipment to its destination anywhere in the world. 

Your cargo will be in good hands

Vysoká nosnost

High load capacity

Velký prostor

Large area

Nízké náklady


Nabídka speciálních lodí

Offer of special vessels

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